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Powerful Features

Sophisticated design

Design, construction and assemblage are key elements for effective building and efficient sailing, the latter also in the long term. Making these elements suit the requirements of professionals did take years of experience; the result is a multifunctional masterpiece ready for every challenge.

Optimized for your needs

Technically completed for its duty that can be utilized as it is, but designed to adapt into a vessel with specific means or gadgets. Haulage of life stock, conveying goods, offering disabled persons easy access and a comfortable ride etc. were main factors from the start.

Fast building

Basic hull components are CNC cut and grinded for a quick and clean processing by welding craftsmen. Structures like engine bed, holds and below deck accommodation are pre-designed and pre-fabricated for fluid composition.

Ecological importance

With the hull features, that are designed for efficient energy consumption, and the building materials, which were selected to be recyclable as much as possible, is a high environmental friendly goal achieved.

Customized propulsion

Electrically-, semi electrically-, combustion engine powered or combinations of both are options to propel. The way to convert power into thrust is with stern tube and propeller, jet drive appliances are another option.

Modular construction

The large flush deck is foundation for few optional equipment, this differs from spud utility, towing bitts, canteen container up to leisure accessories. The base construction and the superstructure are prepared for swift adaptions and additional equipment.


High Quality Designs

The Load Master is designed by Willem Nieland Design. Loadmaster’s superstructure’s basics
are simple, but the applications are endless. Because of the several modules the vessel can be
fitted to your needs.

Design Laadkraan Load Master
Design Passagiers Load Master
Design Container Load Master

Choose your engine

Choose the engine / propulusion of your choice! Are you looking for a quiet and clean electric motor, a high performance diesel engine, or something in between? Just take a look at our different possibilities and send us a message for a custom quote.

Choose Your Engine – ElectricChoose Your Engine – Electric Achterkant
Choose Your Engine – DieselChoose Your Engine – Diesel Achterkant

De nieuwe Load Master onthuld!

Na een korte bouwperiode is een plan realiteit geworden en hebben bouwtekeningen een concrete vorm gekregen. Volgens de architect is het nog steeds een casco; een boot wordt het pas in een later stadium. De huidige contouren geven reeds de doelmatigheid van het toekomstige vaartuig aan, het grote werkdek biedt multifunctionele toepassingsmogelijkheden. Gedurende de komende maanden zal de installatie plaatsvinden waarbij de klemtoon – voor de eerste boot – op de aandrijftechniek zal liggen, deze zal volledig elektrisch zijn!

Professional Services


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